Focus Areas

Sanjit K. Roy

Customer experience management

Delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience is critical to the overall business performance. Customer experience management is increasingly concerned with the long-term evolution of customer experience in service industries such as airlines, telecommunications, travel and tourism, hospitality, retailing and entertainment. Firms must make a concerted effort to provide consistent and frictionless customer experience. Emphasis of this focus area is on creating memorable consumer experiences. The emphasis is on designing the ultimate customer experience in the phygital (i.e., a space where physical and digital mediums merge to render services) world. The dominant logic on which I am basing my research is on consumer/experience-centric logic.

Impact of New Technologies on Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics infusion in service operations offers substantial benefits to service firms. The increased efficiency and convenience encourage service firms to incorporate AI/robotics into their operations. While AI and robotics provides noteworthy benefits to service firms, many firms find that implementing and managing an AI and robotics is more complicated than anticipated. Thus in this stream of research we investigate factors which enables service firms to adopt and implement AI and robotics in service delivery and operations.

Transformative Service Research

Services dominate the lives of consumers all over the world and constitute about 70% of the world economy and are an integral part of consumers’ day-to-day experiences. However, transformative consumer research has provided limited research attention to the role of services in affecting consumer
well-being. Transformative service research (hereafter TSR) is proposed as a “new area” in consumer and service research. TSR emphasizes the role of services and service systems in affecting the individual and collective well-being. TSR is the all-encompassing term for service
research the central emphasis of which is to investigate the well-being implications of service for consumers and other stakeholders of the service firms.