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Sanjit K. Roy

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Dr Roy has also been supervising PhD students in areas related to the focus areas:
(1) customer experience management, (2) impact of new technologies on services, (3) transformative service research”
  1. Completed PhD
    • PhD Candidate: Mohammed Nasser Alduayji (completed in 2019)
    • Topic: Online Co-creation Behaviour in a Sports Context
  2. Ongoing PhD Supervision of Students
    • PhD Candidate: Ali Nazaritehrani
      Topic: Impact of Robots on Services
    • PhD Candidate: Aman Abid
      Topic: Relationship Marketing Orientation in Politics
    • DBA Candidate: Stephen Skinner
      Topic: Antecedents of engagement with loyalty program in grocery retailing
    • DBA Candidate: Ali Wako
      Topic: Examining The Drivers of Complaining Behaviour Among Australian Consumers
    He welcomes expressions of interest from prospective postgraduate students interested in these and
    related areas. For more information, contact Dr Roy using the details below.